Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bad Links in SEO - Tips to Avoid them

The website rank in organic search results can be improved with the help of targeted traffic towards the website. This traffic can be generated with the help of off-page SEO; more specifically, the Link-Building. Link-Building covers most part of the off-page SEO because it is the very technique that brings inbound traffic to the website from other websites of some authority.

A few years back, the link-building, even with unnatural methods, used to get the websites rank improved. Now, however, Google has become intelligent enough to differentiate between organic and unnatural patterns of incoming internet traffic towards a website. For a little elaboration, it would be worth mentioning the factors which make a link bad for SEO.

1.       The authority of your website can be improved if it receives incoming traffic from trustworthy and good authority websites. However, if you are posting your website link in low authority websites of bad online reputation, you will, soon, see your website getting demoted due the kind of incoming traffic it will get.

2.       If your website is related to information about interior decoration and you are posting its link in the website that has information about auto parts, it’s the most awkward connection you are creating between the source and the target of internet traffic. The continuously tweaked Google’s algorithm is now smart enough to spot the contextual differences between the websites and then hit the culprits with penalty.

3.       A few links at high authority websites, pointing at your website, give a good impression but if you are posting too many links in one domain, there is big chance that Google will find this suspicious activity and place a ban on your website. You should know that value of a link decreases every time when it is posted in same domain.

4.       Reciprocal link building was, once, an ideal way to get your website ranked well in SERPs but now it’s really a bad idea to follow this approach. Google’s Algorithms are now fully aware that this give-and-take method can only be related to a planned link-building approach rather than the organic one.
5.       Overly optimized anchor text and creating too many links to your website using specific keywords are the sufficient reasons for Google to ban your website. Although, this technique have had its use in link-building to rank any website but now it is entirely obsolete.

If your strategy of link-building involves any of the above mentioned techniques, you will soon witness your website falling in the bottom of SERPs.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Business Promotion in Local Market – Applicable Strategies

Promotion of business in local market is enough to guarantee success for a lot of brands. Targeting a brand in local market means you are actually working to serve in a specific geographical domain where your product or service is reachable. 

Nevertheless, SEO still has a critical value even if you are marketing your brand in a local area; because online presence is something without which you will definitely not be able to get the results to indicate that you are even on the way to success. The businesses need leads which are later converted into sales; and in today’s world, business lead is the incoming organic traffic to your brand’s website.

Keeping this fact into your consideration, you can work on following strategies to make your business gain the necessary glitter to improve sales in your locality.

Title Tags

Local marketing strategy is benefited by title tags that target specific geographical location. Here’s an elaboration. If your business in located in California, you can add CA at the end of your title tag which supposedly explains the service you provide. These titles tags are a great way to tell the search engines about your locality. Hence, there is a mighty chance that people in your area, searching online for the brand that belongs to your category, will more likely find your business through search engine.

Social Media Marketing

Despite the fact, that social media can enhance the chances of businesses for being found with much less effort, people seem to ignore this reasonable marketing opportunity. For example, adding a little description about the business and its locality in twitter profile will make your Twitter account discoverable through searching on search engines. Facebook offers more by using your address to pinpoint your location on a map. The prize in it for you is that your business will be published on high authority social platforms, adding more to your business’s credibility.

Google Maps

Google maps have all the features that you can use to bring your local business into the limelight. You can pinpoint your location in the maps, upload images and add a little description about your brand and the types of products and services you offer.

Local Business Directories

Local business directories have brought revolutionary success to local businesses. The websites like ‘’ and ‘’ offer the business owners to give their businesses necessary exposure in the local markets. These websites not only show businesses’ addresses and description but also encourage their customers to leave feedback, explaining how their experience with the business was.

Local business marketing by targeting online audience in the right way guarantees success. You can follow above mentioned strategies for local business marketing and you will surely see your business thriving. If you are looking to dominate Amazon market by using Amazon SEO, you will have to optimize your Amazon listing as a first step.